Superior ophthalmic lens processing solutions

In 1993 SCHNEIDER had the vision to manufacture individual lenses based on freely definable mathematical descriptions leading to a worldwide paradigm change. Following its Fascination for Innovation, SCHNEIDER represents the number one full solution provider.

Ranging from single machines to highly integrated cognitive manufacturing systems, the company sets the pace by offering solutions for surfacing, cleaning, coating and edging.

Schneider lines

After more than 20 years of experience in developing ophthalmic machinery, SCHNEIDER perceived the need to go beyond mere single machine improvements in order to achieve higher production efficiency. Complete production lines were created taking the integrated technology approach into the scope.

Advanced interface technology and optimized lens flow established a new standard for small, mid-sized and very large production lines.

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Pioneering the freeform idea in the ophthalmic business with the development of the first commercially available highly dynamic free form generator, SCHNEIDER's continuous process portfolio extension comprises nearly all manufacturing techniques necessary in the ophthalmic industry.


SCHNEIDER recently entered the market for contact lens and IOL manufacturing technology with not one but two brand-new solutions for single-point diamond turning.


SCHNEIDER developed a multitude of groundbreaking technologies finding its origin in the first freeform generator HSC 100, first freeform polishers, first interlinked multi process solutions etc.

Filling all the different customer needs ranging from start up to high productivity SCHNEIDER offers matching technology at different levels of automation.

UPC nano
UPC 100 Vision
DBX modulo ONE
SPP modulo
CCB modulo
CCU modulo ONE
CCU modulo
CB bond
CB nano
CB connect
CCS modulo
HSC modulo XTS
HSC smart X
HSC sprint X
HSC sprint
HSC nano XP
HSC nano X
DSC prolab
Modulo Center ONE
CCP modulo ONE
CCP swift
CCP nano 2
CCP nano
PMD modulo
CSI modulo ONE
CCL modulo X
CCL modulo
CCL C*mark
DTS modulo
DBA modulo
TSA modulo
LCU modulo ONE
LCU modulo
USC 100
LCU 80
New process: Polycarbonate tinting
DHC 300
DHC 60
DHC 40
DHC 20
SHC nano
EBC 1400
EBC 900
EBC 600
EBC 500
EBC 400
RPT nano
New process: Anti Fog
HSE modulo QS
HSE modulo