The EBC 900 is SCHNEIDER’s advanced coating solution for medium-sized and larger Rx labs. State-of-the-art process technology and proven components combine to provide the shortest process times and make the EBC 900 a powerful and reliable batch coating system. Its high performance EBG system and crucible configuration provides full evaporation material flexibility – whether on a segmented dome or a flip-over system.

Layer properties are optimized with Ion Assisted Deposition using Ar or O2 to guarantee best process qualities on organic or glass lenses. With the optimized design of the vacuum chamber and protection shields, shield changes are not only minimized but can also be done faster and easier, resulting in less downtime during production. The modular design is upgradeable for higher productivity requirements.

Technical Data


pre-vacuum: 280 m3/h
high-vacuum: 2100 l/s (N2) or 2 x 2100 l/s (N2) incl. a Gate-valve system

ion source

40 – 300 V and up to 3.5 A (400 W)
2 gases (O2 and Ar)


8 kV / 375 mA / 12 pockets

substrate heater

up to 120°C (2000 W)


6 MHz single head


Meissner-trap with cryo-cooler
3 segment dome
2nd Turbo Molecular Pump
Thermal Evaporator (Boat)
Double Crystal Head

power consumption

20 kVA avg.

machine weight

approx. 1800 kg (3969 lb.)

dimensions (width x depth x height)

approx. 1850 x 1600 x 2155 mm (73 x 63 x 85 inches)

capacity flip over - depending on lens diameter

Ø 65 mm – 72 lenses
Ø 70 mm – 54 lenses
Ø 75 mm – 54 lenses
Ø 80 mm – 36 lenses

All data subject to change without notice. Please verify details with SCHNEIDER.


  EBC 900
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