The SSC 2000 is SCHNEIDER’s fashion coating solution for sunglasses, visors or masks. The system guarantees maximum uptime and process stability.

The machine’s smart double chamber design with a revolving separation door allows for simultaneously coating one set of substrates in the process chamber while loading the next batch into the loading chamber. The substrates get heated and plasma treated inside the loading chamber to prepare them for the coating process in the process chamber.

An optional hydrophobic top coat is applied in the loading chamber.

The uniformity of the layer thicknesses and the very high rate stability mark the SSC 2000’s superiority over conventional solutions.



SSC 2000 - Excellent fashion coating

Technical Data


loading chamber:
300 m3/h rotary vane pump
+ 1000 m3/h roots-pump
+ 2200 l/s (N2) TMP with gate-valve

process chamber:
65 m³/h rotary vane pump
+ 6 x 1300 l/sec (N2) TMP

coating source

20 kW DC-pulsed sputter supply, process gases: Ar, O2, N2

substrate heater

10 kW


heater 10 kW, thermal evaporator, Meissner-trap with
cryo-cooler, glow discharge cathode, 2nd TMP for the loading

power consumption

39 kVA avg.


30 masks /pylon

machine weight

approx. 6600 kg (14551 lb.)

dimensions (width x depth x height)

approx. 2600 x 2600 x 3600 mm (103 x 103 x 142 inches)

All data subject to change without notice. Please verify details with SCHNEIDER.


  SSC 2000
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