The RPT nano is the best choice for AR coating applications in a high quality rapid response environment.
A very high uptime and homogeneity of layer thickness is guaranteed by the new and intelligent coating technology.
Process times of less than 12 minutes per side can be achieved due to the special target design and computer optimized process simulation. The targets are sufficient for a few thousand coatings. Two pair of lenses in a batch satisfy the market needs of high process flexibility and short delivery times. Other benefits are very long service intervals and the low cost of ownership due to low maintenance requirements.

As part of the SCHNEIDER machine portfolio, the RPT nano can be connected to the LMS in order to optimize the process for different lens geometries. The connection to the SOM Control Center guarantees a continuous process monitoring.

Technical Data


pre-vacuum: dry scroll pump 15 m3/h

high-vacuum: magnetic levitated TMP 450 l/s (N2)

magnetron supply

5 kW

process gases

Ar, O2, N2

cold water supply

2300 W integrated in machine frame

machine weight

900 kg (1984 lb.)

process time

approx. 12 minutes

capacity (diameter 50 - 80 mm; 2 - 3 inches)

4 lenses/batch

dimensions (width x depth x height)

1210 x 900 x 1940 mm (48 x 35 x 76 inches)


  RPT nano
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