New process: Anti Fog

Clear vision without limitations



SCHNEIDER has solved a problem well-known by everybody wearing glasses: Blurred vision caused by fogged lenses.

The brand-new Anti Fog technology provides a clear view for all ophthalmic lenses, sun lenses, sports lenses and visors.

SCHNEIDER uses a physical process for a long-term and reliable coating layer instead of relying on a spray that only provides a short-term effect, can cause allergic reactions with the end user and smeared lenses.

In a vacuum thin film coating process, a very thin layer of a special alloy is applied by ion-beam sputtering. Permanently attached to the lens coating, this layer provides a very high surface energy. As a result, water droplets are spread into a liquid film which remains transparent to the eye.

To preserve the Anti Fog protection and its easy to clean properties, the glasses simply have to be treated with a specially developed wipe after cleaning and rinsing.

The result: Clear vision in all circumstances.



SCHNEIDER Anti Fog - Clear vision without limitations


  Anti Fog
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