"In 1993 we had the vision to manufacture a lens for best vision which is as individual as one's fingerprint. I asked myself: 'Why not develop a machine that can do it all - manufacture spherical, aspherical, progressive and bifocal lenses? It's just a file.' By designing this machine the freeform era started. Today the premium products of almost all providers are made with freeform technology."

- Gunter Schneider, President of Schneider


SCHNEIDER – The pioneer in freeform technology

“Fascination for Innovation” – the slogan clearly reflects SCHNEIDER's focus on inspiring customers worldwide by developing innovative technological solutions.

Founded in 1986 by Gunter Schneider, the family-owned SCHNEIDER GmbH & Co. KG is one of the world’s leading companies for the development and production of machines and solutions for ophthalmics, precision optics and ultra-precision optics. The company has more than 480 employees and is located in Germany, the USA, Brazil, Thailand and China. Each year, SCHNEIDER manufactures more than 500 machines in four different German production facilities.

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Worldwide - Schneider Optical Machines



With international customers being one of the key drivers for success, SCHNEIDER has established international structures to support the regional growth. Full service facilities in the US, Asia, and Brazil deliver localized service and support. Today, SCHNEIDER is a truly global company, with an export ratio of 95% and subsidiaries, local agencies and representations in all the main optics hot spots internationally.

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SCHNEIDER Latin America


W&L Coating Systems

In January 2017, SCHNEIDER acquired W&L Coating Systems GmbH. The techno-scientific start-up was founded in 2013 and specializes in the development of high-end vacuum based coating technologies. It is based in Reichelsheim, near Frankfurt.

The product portfolio includes physical vapor deposition systems using magnetron sputtering technology for the production of extremely thin metallic and ceramic layers over large areas with a high degree of uniformity. The company is also leading in plasma-based chemical vapor deposition for the production of ceramic, organic and polymeric coatings.

The management team consists of Dr. Michael Liehr (Managing Director) and Dr. Clemens Ringpfeil (Director Technology). Dieter Wurczinger acts in the capacity as a consultant. Together we aim to develop new technologies and broaden the product portfolio of the SCHNEIDER group.

Dr. Michael Liehr - MD W+L Coating - SCHNEIDER Optical Machines