Excellent lenses are not just the result of cutting-edge technology. For a lab to perform at its best, providing both high-quality and great throughput, it requires great process know-how, reliable service and – often underestimated – the right consumables and tools. We are your committed partner and got you covered in each and every aspect. Check out our dedicated consumables and tools offering.


Enabling labs to perform at their very best is one of SCHNEIDER’s highest goals and our dedicated strategy. Following a holistic approach SCHNEIDER offers all components and elements of a successful production:

  • Powerful and reliable technology
  • Smart and efficient processes
  • Customized premium technology and process support
  • Ideally suited consumables, tools and accessories

Being a systems provider, SCHNEIDER is offering its customers the full package – 100% compatible, with the elements complementing one another and working together perfectly. Customers opting for the SCHNEIDER CAREFREE package benefit from ideal production conditions resulting in highest quality and yield as well. Ultimately this results in the lowest cost per lens.

Labs get one responsible partner providing comprehensive support on an individual level, instead of a number of different contacts that can only support a piece of the puzzle. The solution is just one call away.


SCHNEIDER supplies its customers with the full spectrum of consumables and tools along the entire process chain.

The genuine SCHNEIDER tools are designed specifically for best compatibility with the individual technologies and processes and originate from know-how acquired in years of experience, scientific analyses and evaluation. These tools guarantee maximum performance and productivity as well as incomparable quality.

On top, a variety of thoroughly tested and proven standard solutions commonly used in labs round out the full-solution portfolio.

Opting for SCHNEIDER, customers stay clear of unreliable quality, machine breakage and downtimes caused by bad-quality or incompatible consumables and tools.

To make sure customers are always well-equipped even in the face of continuously varying demands, SCHNEIDER permanently reviews and expands its portfolio. Don’t just buy consumables. With SCHNEIDER as your committed partner at all levels you are one step closer to achieving best quality and performance in your lab.


  • Full spectrum of consumables and tools available
  • Proven and thoroughly tested accuracy
  • Highest quality standards and reliability
  • Designed for best compatibility with the whole process
  • Supporting maximum performance and productivity
  • Long-term availability and supply ensured


Learn how SCHNEIDER's Advanced Polising System - APS 4.1 - intelligently caters to the tremendously varying process and lens requirements.








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