The EBC 600 accommodates all requirements of small and midsize Rx-labs. The machine represents a compact system to produce highest quality products without any compromise in quality and components. Reliable and proven components combined with modern process technology characterize the EBC 600.

A powerful EBG system with a high number of pockets provides maximum process flexibility. Expanded ion- source power for argon and oxygen use and a water-cooled process chamber guarantee high process stability.
By using the visAR process technology high-end coating is transferred into small and midsize Rx-labs whether on organic- or glass- lenses. The modular design is upgradeable for higher productivity requirements.

Technical Data


pre-vacuum 65 m3/h

high-vacuum 2200 l/s (N2)


up to 210 V and 2 A, 2 gases (O2 and Ar)


8 kV / 375 mA / 12 pockets

substrate heater

(optional) up to 80 °C bottom heater / up to 300 °C top heater


6 MHz single head


Meissner-trap with cryo-cooler, flip-over, Double Xtal

weight machine

1250 kg (2756 lb.)

dimensions (width x depth x height)

1572 x 1160 x 2070 mm (62 x 46 x 82 inches)


lens diameter: 60/65   70/75   80/85

full dome: 60/50   42/38   32/30


  EBC 600
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