Introducing the UPC nano
Unbeatable price, unprecedented performance, a compact design and ready for automation: The industry proven UPC nano is one step ahead in manufacturing high-quality contact lenses and IOLs, ready for polishing. Already including an onboard integrated Fast Tool for freeform manufacturing, the UPC nano’s capital investment corresponds to the costs for conventional solutions limited to manufacturing of 2D surfaces. Ready to go in no time, it comes with on board spherical, non-spherical and freeform capabilities to manufacture all types of contact lenses.

Compact design with great performance
The machine’s high linear axis rigidity guarantees great form accuracy during high-speed machining. As a result the time needed in the subsequent polishing step can be greatly reduced. A quick removal of surface roughness is all that is required. In this way the UPC nano outpaces the solutions available in the market that rely on less rigid air bearing guiding systems. Ready for wet and dry machining: The UPC nano’s unique design allows for all options: air cooling or spray mist lubricated dry machining and – for the first time – wet machining for contact lenses and IOLs. Wet machining is proven in other ophthalmic industries to allow lower process temperatures and increase tool lifetime, paving the way for more cost-effective manufacturing. Labs can choose and exploit a new freedom in process design. Swarf is removed immediately in gravity direction reducing the need for time consuming cleaning. Thanks to the machine’s small and compact size as well as its light weight it can be operated virtually everywhere.


Machine automation and highly accurate laser marking
For high volume requirements, UPC nano can be equipped with an optional automation system for non-stop automated processing of larger batches without operator intervention. With the increasing need for unique device identification (UDI), laser engraving becomes more important. For this reason, the UPC nano can be enhanced with an optional scanhead based laser engraving system producing even the most complex engravings in a matter of seconds.

Semi-automated tool adjustment with NC-accuracy
The UPC nano’s special machine design allows for adjusting the tools in X, Y and Z direction with highest precision and encoder resolution by using the NC machine axes. Tool adjustments can be done much faster and more reliably. Time-consuming readjustments are a thing of the past as the position remains stable over time. Highest stiffness from tool tip to machine bed for lowest vibration is a given – especially for highly dynamic machining. A total of three tools only mounted on the Fast Tool is all that is needed for concave and convex machining.

Highest safety standards
All SCHNEIDER UPC machines comply with the strictest international safety standards. The UPC nano comes with a fully encapsulated design protecting the operator in case of workpiece losses. Even the optional laser is integrated in the encapsulated working chamber, preventing any safety risks. In addition, the full enclosure effectively reduces noise and dust emission to preserve a clean working environment.




UPC nano - Most affordable and compact

Technical Data

tool setup

up to 3 tools


4 (incl. integrated fast tool)

travel X

390 mm

travel Z

20 mm


airbearing spindle (10.000 rpm)

vibration isolation

air springs


64-bit Windows 10 based

machine weight

approx. 650 kg (1433 lb.)

dimensions (width x depth x height)

approx. 900 x 1120 x 1030 mm (35 x 44 x 41 inches)

All data subject to change without notice. Please verify details with SCHNEIDER.