Digital Surfacing for every lab 
The HSC sprint brings digital surfacing to any lab. Digital surfacing used to require a significant investment of space, knowledge and money. The HSC sprint scales down all these requirements significantly while producing the same quality lenses as the bigger operations.

Eliminate laps, create precise optics, produce freeform lenses – all the benefits of digital in a small, economical and powerful HSC sprint generator.

Built on base of the innovative concepts implemented in hundreds of HSC generators running in leading labs worldwide, the HSC sprint contains all that experience in a new, small design which is going to become an indispensable machine of future labs – ranging from the central surfacing unit in a smaller lab, the backup of a machine of a freeform lab up to a dedicated production unit in larger labs.

Small outside, big inside 
Using floor space no larger than an office desk, you can generate your complete lens range. The small size enables a setup in even the smallest areas of a lab. This spot might be the back end of a retail shop, or in larger labs where conventional machines have retired to make space for the new generation of surfacing.

The workspace and accessibility of the HSC sprint is conveniently located at a height resulting in a very ergonomic working position for the operator. An automated workspace door and a large touch screen enable an easy operation with minimial physical exertion of the operating staff.

Inside you find the power you expect from a SCHNEIDER machine. The fast rough cutting process is contained within the milling chamber leading to controlled swarf channeling and keeping the machines clean. The robust RS-Tec motor enables high single-run stock removals of 8 mm. Specialities such as high wrap curves, which cannot be cut by a milling tool are processed by the RS-tec motor with ease. The design of the RS-tec motor supports single-tool and twin-tool operation.

A genuine HSC 
The HSC sprint includes all the proven concepts of its larger brothers HSC smart/ master/giant. The machine is designed on the industry-proven kinematics HSC+G for combining fast rough cutting and cribbing with the most precise HSC fine turning process in a compact space.

The surfacing motors utilize high-performance controllers enabling maximum communication speed and highest resolution of data. The result is the most precise algorithmic translation of information to process any and all unique freeform and Rx lens designs.

The Power Safety System reacts within microseconds in the case of unexpected external power failures eliminates the risk of machine damage.

The team player
Maximum value is gained from the HSC sprint in conjunction with the other manual surfacing solutions from SCHNEIDER. The CCP swift soft-tool polisher handles the full work load of the HSC sprint generator. Both machines team up to work as the most economical digital-surfacing solution in the market.

Together with the CB bond blocker and the CCL C*mark laser marking unit, the machines become a complete manual Rx and freeform surfacing solution – the Sprint Line. The HSC sprint makes it easier than ever before to become a master of the digital surfacing era. Start now.



HSC sprint - Small size, big value

Technical Data

lens diameter

up to Ø 85 mm

clamping system

block Ø 43 mm


CR39, Hi-index, Polycarbonate, Trivex®

curve range

concave: 0 – 14 (extendable to 30) diopters
convex: 0 – 30 diopters

power consumption

5 kVA avg.

air requirement

min. 6 bar (87 psi)

machine weight

750 kg (1654 lb.)

dimensions (width x depth x height)

approx. 1310 x 930 x 1200 mm (52 x 37 x 48 inches)

height with monitor

approx. 1527 mm (61 inches)

All data subject to change without notice. Please verify details with SCHNEIDER.


  HSC sprint
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