The TFA is a semi-automated high quality tinting unit with extraordinary tinting results on all types of lenses.

The TFA features computer controlled process parameters, an integrated rinsing tank and an integrated drain box for dyes. PT-100 temperature sensors and control loops ensure minimum temperature variation per tank of ± 1K. A magnetic stirrer guarantees a homogenous temperature distribution. The tinting tanks include powerful heaters for a fast and uniform heating of the dye. The high temperature stability, the magnetic stirrer and the powerful heaters indicate the reliability and quality of the TFA.

For full and graduated tints the TFA can be equipped with the flexible multi-purpose lift TFL. The computer controlled oscillating lift automatically dips the lenses into the dyes and lifts them out based on freely definable intensity profiles. The TFA can be equipped with an extraction hood and specialized tint racks.

Now available: Polycarbonate tinting for Rx and Freeform lenses.

Technical Data

lens material

suitable for all tintable materials

power consumption

16 kVA avg.

extraction rate (recommended)

≥ 1500 m3/h

water requirement

≤ 10 µS/cm
reverse osmosis quality

water consumption

at 90°C - 10 l/h
at 95°C - 15 l/h

machine weight

approx. 450 kg (993 lb.)


2100 x 740 x 1960 (83 x 29 x 77 inches)


2 x DN 50 for dye (D32 for rising water)

All data subject to change without notice. Please verify details with SCHNEIDER.


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