Innovative precision optics technologies

SCHNEIDER has its origin in the development and manufacture of optical precision machinery. Strongly pushing the previously unknown CNC technology into this market, the company was soon well known for creating innovative manufacturing technology for grinding, polishing, measuring and centering of spheres and aspheres.

The machines are capable of processing all typical types of glass, crystals and IR materials, sapphire and CaF2 with a geometry spectre ranging from a few millimeters up to more than 1500 millimeters.

Precision Optics - Polishing Process - Schneider Optical Machines


In precision optics highest accuracies can only be obtained when carefully finetuning each process step of the process chain. SCHNEIDER's grinding processes achieve impressive surface qualities with smallest degrees of sub surface damage. Paired with deterministic pre- and fine polishing methods the best lenses are produced in a very economical way.

Together with excellent centering and measuring solutions, SCHNEIDER offers a full process package.


SCHNEIDER precision machines are found for various applications in the market requiring a high degree of equipment modularity and flexibility.


SCHNEIDER supports this need by offering a large number of different system options and configurations. Ranging from specialized machines over multi process designs to dedicated spindle concepts, freeform options or dockable automation systems - the right product can be assembled for individual customer needs.


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SCG 250
SCG 100
SLG 80
ALP 120
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