Ultra-precise machining systems

Ultra-precision manufacturing requires the highest accuracy level of mechanical production processes possible. Based on multiple decades of experience with diamond turning processes SCHNEIDER machinery merges these extreme precision demands with an unprecedented level of productivity. Intelligent software packages and innovative on board metrology systems allow the manufacture of most complex geometries in one clamping step, reducing operator intervention and cost per piece to a minimum.

Ultra Precision - Milling- Schneider Optical Machines


At SCHNEIDER ultra-precise machining describes fabricating ultra-precise freeform surfaces with single point diamond turning machines.

With these machines metal optics, precision optics components, infrared optics, prototypes of synthetic lenses and mold inserts for replications of synthetic optics can be manufactured.


The SCHNEIDER UPC series ranges from 2-axis diamond turning lathes up to 5-axis process centers featuring milling, fly cutting, ruling and on board metrology capabilities. Fully integrated fast tool servo systems with up to 30 mm stroke allow for fast machining of complex shapes, previously only machinable with a slow tool axis.

SCHNEIDER´s most modern controller technologies and software packages supporting NURB based calculation algorithms, enable highest resolution and the processing of very large multi GB NC programs to produce freeform geometries with an accuracy down to 200nm PV.

UPC 400
UPC 300
UPC 100

UP Machining Service

Within a high precision climate control area and decoupled from ground vibration, SCHNEIDER supports inhouse prototype and small series production with its UP machining service.

In case of limited production capacity, non-matching requirements of product and machine or very special freeform requests – please feel free to contact SCHNEIDER for further information and assistance via