Introducing the CB connect
The CB Connect expands the system of the all-in-one surfacing center DSC Prolab with a revolutionary alloy-free blocking solution. Key to the blocking system is the environmen-
tally friendly blocking media Connex. Intelligently interlinked, the CB Connect and the DSC Prolab work together to provide maximum ease of use and significant reduction of investment costs.

One control – two systems
The single DSC Prolab control system manages the entire process – generating, laser marking, polishing and now blocking.

Computer controlled adjustment
A videobased positioning and centering system assists the operator during the highly precise lens alignment.

Small system – huge diversity
If plano, prism, centered, de-centered, Rx, PAL and freeform lenses – the handy unit meets every blocking requirement.

Fast blocking
Blocking takes less than one minute and processing can start just shortly after. The highly cost-effective non-alloy blocking system expands the broad range of opportunities of the DSC Prolab significantly – two pieces become a merged system.

Technical Data

lens diameter

up to Ø 80 mm

lens material

all organic materials

blocking material

Connex plastic

clamping system

block Ø 43 mm

prism angle

up to 7°

power consumption

0.7 kVA avg.

air requirement

min. 4 bar (58 psi)

machine weight

approx. 33.5 kg (74 lb.)

dimensions (width x depth x height)

180 x 350 x 730 mm (7 x 14 x 29 inches)

All data subject to change without notice. Please verify details with SCHNEIDER.


  CB connect
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