UPC 300

Ultra-precise machining of freeform optics



Introducing the UPC 300 / UPC 700

The compact UPC 300 is a three axis machine (X, Z, C) designed for the highly dynamic machining of freeform surfaces. The optional long stroke Fast Tool increases significantly the productivity in freeform machining. The Fast Tool can process a wide range of freeform geometries without
the need of time consuming Slow Tool machining - productivity and accuracy are combined in a very unique way.

The optional Y-axis turns this machine into an UPC 700 enabling additionally diamond milling and ruling of complex freeform geometries or micro features for maximum machining flexibility.

A high-quality optical metrology system allows for the machine integrated contactless measurement of freeform surfaces. In combination with the unique data handling capabilities a corrective remachining of freeform surfaces is possible to achieve highest precision.

Technical Data

work piece diameter

UPC 300: max. 300 mm, optional up to 700 mm

UPC 700: 700 mm


UPC 300: X, Z, C, optional B, Z1

UPC 700: X, Y, Z, C, optional B, Z1

linear axes

UPC 300

X-axis: 350 mm (hydrostatic)

Z-axis: 350 mm (hydrostatic)

UPC 700

X-axis: 350 mm (hydrostatic)

Y-axis: 150 mm (hydrostatic)

Z-axis: 350 mm (hydrostatic)

axes straightness

X-, Y-, Z-axis < 0.1 µm/100 mm

fast tool

Z1-axis 30 mm (aerostatic)


C-axis: 3500 rpm (aerostatic)

milling: 60000 - 80000 rpm (aerostatic)

machine base


power requirement

max. 7 kW

compressed air supply

min. 7 bar (100 psi)

machine weight

UPC 300: approx. 2400 kg (5291 lb.)

UPC 700: approx. 3500 kg (7716 lb.)

dimensions without electrical cabine (width x depth x height)

UPC 300: 1800 x 1200 x 1950 mm (71 xx 48 x 78 inches)

UPC 700: 2050 x 1200 x 2100 mm (81 x 48 x 83 inches)


  UPC 300
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