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UPC 100 Vision

Advanced high-end solution


The fully featured UPC 100 Vision is designed to meet the highest quality needs.

It provides extraordinary accuracy and extremely low surface roughness, making the UPC 100 Vision the ideal choice for producing challenging applications.

Mold inserts with surface roughness values in the 1-2 nm range, highly complex individualized contact lenses or sophisticated hydrophilic and hydrophobic IOLs are easily manufactured. Even IOL designs using diffractive elements that require little or no polishing can be produced.




UPC nano

Perfect ENtry-Level solution


Unbeatable price, unprecedented performance, a compact design and ready for automation: The industry proven UPC nano is one step ahead in manufacturing high-quality contact lenses and IOLs, ready for polishing.

Already including an onboard integrated Fast Tool for freeform manufacturing, the UPC nano’s capital investment corresponds to the costs for conventional solutions limited to manufacturing of 2D surfaces.

Ready to go in no time, it comes with on board spherical, non-spherical and freeform capabilities to manufacture all types of contact lenses.



SCHNEIDER creates faster and more efficient solutions specifically designed for freeform manufacturing, merging highest surface accuracy and quality with best productivity.

The highly modular UPC machines feature a very rigid machine base, innovative drive technology, full encapsulation, latest Fast Tool technology, super-fast scan head laser (optional for UPC nano) and many more.

Prepared for automation, the machines pave the way towards non-stop automated processing without operator intervention. This makes the UPC nano and UPC 100 Vision future-proof investments.





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