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Advanced Polishing for the modern lab


NEW // Advanced Polishing System - 4.1

The revolutionary polishing technology Since 2011, labs are able to cater to the tremendously varying process requirements with one single system that intelligently tailors the polishing process to individual lens requirements: SCHNEIDER’s revolutionary Advanced Polishing System.

The key to success: Barcode identified polishing pads, an adapted polish slurry and a sophisticated process data- base. The outcome is highest lens design integrity and unmatched throughput even in the face of widely differing material characterists, diverse lens designs, Rx or freeform manufacturing.


Today, SCHNEIDER takes computer-controlled polishing to a new level that exceeds industry 4.0 standards.


APS 4.1 stabilizes production with extensive new process analytics, usage monitoring and future tool need statistics. The system keeps perfect track of tool status and lifetime and provides advanced root cause analysis options.

The system is future proof, carrying smart algorithms that support new tool architectures and process options to be released soon.

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