Ballhead Exchange

High productivity and excellent quality lenses are not only the result of using powerful and precise machinery. Regular maintenance and adhering to the recommended intervals for timely exchange of wear parts are also key to reliable and high-quality lens production.

Especially spindles, rubber bellows and tool holders in polishing machines are exposed to great strain. If those wear parts are not replaced regularly, there is a high risk of leaks and ingresses of polishing slurry into the spindle. As a consequence, components are damaged and need replacement, potentially resulting in long machine downtimes and high costs.

SCHNEIDER is continuously working on innovative, preventive solutions to streamline maintenance and keep your lab running at its best.

The new snap-fit ballhead is a pre-assembled, one-piece maintenance part. It is more durable, can be exchanged much faster and easier, and reduces maintenance cost.



Prepare for it!

All it takes is a simple modification of the spindles to benefit from the great advantages of the new snap-fit ballhead.

The SCHNEIDER team will be pleased to assist you with the upgrade!




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