SLG 80

Spherical grinding - fast and precise



Introducing the SLG 80: Common meets extraordinary
The Spheroline SLG 80 has been designed for optics manufacturing in the popular range of 80 mm with extraordinary cost-efficiency and processing versatility.

The highly robust and compact machine features the most modern CNC controls and process technology. The dedicated kinematics and spindle configurations establish the basis for high-quality grinding processes with maximum flexibility. The machine’s capabilities can be further extended by an aspherical grinding option for processing a great variety of aspheres.

The mixture of intelligent and compact design, cutting-edge technology, and highly versatile processing options make the SLG 80 a great choice for start-ups and established productions alike. The result is high-quality processing of custom and serial optics up to 80 mm and beyond.

Smart and compact design
The basis of the SLG 80 is a cast-iron machine frame for high stiffness and stability. The kinematics with the upper swivel axis result in a very small machine footprint while still offering a large swivel angle for processing strongly curved lenses.

The modern CNC control system in conjunction with the quality-defining AC-servo drive technique enable high precision lens processing.

Double-spindle technology
The basic version S1/1 offers a wide range of grinding capabilities including edge processing and chamfering.

The S2/1 version enables rough grinding including centering and beveling on one spindle followed by fine grinding on the second spindle. This offers higher process flexibility, stability, and further increases productivity.

Tools can easily be changed using the stateof-the-art hydro expansion technology, providing high repeatability.

Advanced processing
A digital spherometer linked to the CNC controller allows for the precise control of the sagittal height in all three axes. The number of required reference parts can be kept low as the radius of your reference surface can differ significantly from the surface of the processed lens. This greatly reduces costs and efforts.

Aspherical package
The aspherical option of the SLG 80 offers cup-wheel grinding of aspherical lenses of convex and concave geometries including figure corrections based on external form measurements.

This option further increases the versatility of the machine, providing even more flexibility in parts processing.

In-process metrology
The consistent high performance and tight process control is supported by the Feed Control function. Its first touch technology minimizes the air cutting during tool approach to a minimum – saving valuable process time. Feed Control also optimizes the grinding process by adjusting the feed rate of the tool with respect to shorter cycle times and better cutting conditions.

Data communication
The system interfaces to an Ethernet network connection and to the SCHNEIDER Optical Technology (SOT) software enabling smooth and effective data exchange for setup and operation. The service is supported by an intelligent analysis system with remote diagnostics. A graphical user interface assists the operator for simple and fast communication tasks. The SLG 80 supports data exchange with external devices, e.g. measuring equipment.

The processing capabilities of the SLG 80 make this machine a perfect mate for SCHNEIDER polishers like the Spheroline SLP 80 and maximizes the value of your processing equipment.

Technical Data

max. working range ø standard (and restricted) spheres

SLG 80 S1/1: 80 mm (100 mm)
SLG 80 S2/1: 80 mm (100 mm)

max. working range ø standard (and restricted) aspheres

SLG 80 S1/1: 80 mm (100 mm)
SLG 80 S2/1: 80 mm (100 mm)

working range radius

15 mm – flat

number of axes

3 (X, Z, B)

feed rate

X-axis: 15000 mm/min
Z-axis: 15000 mm/min

positioning and repeat accuracy

X-, Z-axis: +/– 0.001 mm

feed rate

B-axis: 25 x 42 HD

positioning and repeat accuracy

B-axis +/– 4"

tool spindle connection

25 x 42 HD

speed range grinding tool spindle

max. rough (fine) 15000 (15000) min-1

workpiece spindle connection flang ø

80 mm

speed range workpiece spindle

2500 min-1

power consumption

2.3 kVA avg.

compressed air supply

min. 6 bar (87 psi)


min. 0.6 bar (8.7 psi)

machine weight

approx. 850 kg (1874 lb.)

dimensions (width x depth x height)

approx. 1040 x 1250 x 1840 mm (41 x 49 x 73 inches)

All data subject to change without notice. Please verify details with SCHNEIDER.


  SLG 80
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