The new dimension in highly deterministic polishing.
Reduce your MRF time & costs by up to 50%








with SCHNEIDER APS 3D & ALP 120.



The proven bundle to reduce MRF time & costs.

While MRF is a great technology, it is costly and time consuming. The proven combination of SCHNEIDER ALP 120 polishers and the Advanced Polishing System 3D (APS 3D) is the perfect symbiosis for saving you up to 50 % of MRF costs and process time.

This powerful bundle pushes lens quality to an unprecedented level of accuracy thus reducing MRF time enormously.

Ready-to-use tools allow a higher removal volume and guarantee the highest surface quality with a deterministic PV value of λ/4.


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Benefits for MRF owners

_ Higher determinism:
The ALP 120 with APS 3D bundle enables you to achieve a deterministic value of λ/4

_ Higher accuracy:
The proven combination guarantees superior reproducibility

_ Enormous reduction of MRF time:
By freeing up MRF time, a doubling of output can be achieved with existing production capacities.


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