SLP 301

Perfect polishing of larger optics

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Introducing the Spheroline® SLP 301
Very high form accuracy and reproducibility – the SLP 301 guarantees these desired polishing characteristics for optics with a polishing tool up to 480 mm.

High-Performance digital spindle drives, mounted on a very stiff machine base, effortlessly provide the necessary torque and ensure low processing times.

Unique for a machine of this class, the correction and polishing spindles are arranged in line ensuring very accurate correction without a tool change.

The capabilities of the SLP 301 don’t end with polishing of spheres. An optional asphere package extends the processing range to the world of aspheres resulting in a single solution for virtually any requirement.

Solid foundation
The machine is built around a very stiff cast iron base for kinematics of 4 axes and 3 spindles. The tools are changed with the hydro expansion technology.

The modern CNC controller system directs the AC servo drives ensuring consistently high accuracy during the polishing and correction. The controller checks and adjusts all parameters like process times, working pressures, oscillation speed of the polishing process etc. Multi-step processing can be performed and parameters can be individually adjusted.

A park position of the workpiece spindle as well as the front- and top-opening of the machine housing enable an easy change of heavy polishing tools by crane loading.

One step ahead
The polisher comes with one polishing spindle opposite the workpiece and the correction spindles which are arranged in parallel. This arrangement enables the correction and the polishing step without any tool change. This configuration ensures maximum form accuracy, surface quality and process stability.

Easy setup and correction
The SLP 301 comes with additional software tools for operator friendly setup and correction possibilities. These features help the operator for fast, safe and precise setup of the machine.

The Auto Teaching module enables a fully automated setup process of the polishing tool and the workpiece. The contact situation of the tool and the work piece is determined with high accuracy. This includes the measuring of the polishing-tool length and the positioning of the lens. The procedure reduces the setup time and ensures the correct settings under all conditions. The crash risk due to improper setup is reduced to a minimum. The automated detection and alignment of the polishing-tool length guarantees the precise oscillation of the tool around the radius center – the most critical parameter for high form accuracy and process stability. The reliable and precise detection of the lens and tool position enables the reproducible polishing of lenses with very thin edges and other geometric specialties.

The Tool correction is accomplished by an accurate correction of the polishing tool, using the integrated correction spindle – no tool change necessary! The unproductive time is reduced to a minimum. In production, the correction spindle allows a cyclic correction of the polishing pad.
Additionally, a graphically supported correction routine enables the operator to optimize the oscillation behavior to further minimize any form deviations.

The Geo Control is a CNC-controlled fine adjustment of the mutual positions of the workpiece and tool spindles to optimize the spherical quality and form error.

Asphere package
The asphere option expands the capabilities of the spheric version SLP 301. The optional asphere technology package allows dedicated, deterministic polishing of aspheres – ready for magneto-rheological finishing (mrf). The optimum polishing process for aspheres is calculated and executed on the basis of an automatically determined cutting profile of the tool. The actual values of the workpiece like geometry, material and surface roughness are taken with the aid of simulation technology.

Data communication
The system interfaces to an Ethernet network connection and to the SCHNEIDER Optical Technology (SOT) software which enables a smooth and effective data exchange for setup and operation. The process steps are monitored by an intelligent diagnosis and alarm system supplemented by a remote diagnostics unit to guarantee maximum utilization time.

A graphical user interface assists the operator for an easy and fast completion of communication tasks with the SLP 301. The seamless link of the SLP 301 with external measuring equipment assures a smooth and flawless process flow. The corrections are networked into the machine.


  SLP 301
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