SLP 120

Smart and economic polishing

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Introducing the Spheroline® SLP 120
Excellent performance to investment ratio, uncompromised form accuracy and perfect reproducibility – this was the target for our new spherical polisher.

Our solution: High-quality polisher SLP 120. With the integration of a correction spindle mounted in parallel to the workpiece spindle, precise and convenient tool correction is guaranteed. Equipped with the hydrostatic polishing option even higher surface accuracies can be achieved.

The setup can be done easily and in virtually no time using the Auto Teaching feature. Additionally, the machine’s high efficiency is supported by a compact design, with good access to the work space and easy operation.

Design basics
The basis for the high form accuracy, surface quality and process stability is set by the machine’s kinematics resting on a machine bed specifically designed for high stiffness and stability. The kinematics encompass three axes as well as the workpiece, polishing and correction spindles.

The modern CNC control system runs the AC servo drives, ensuring consistently high accuracy during the polishing and correction steps. The CNC controller checks and adjusts all parameters such as process times, working pressures, oscillation speed of the polishing process etc. Multi-step processing can be performed and parameters can be individually adjusted.

The SLP 120 has been designed for utmost ease of use. Special material treatments on the inner shielding greatly reduce polish adhesion – maintaining an extremely accurate concentration level which produces the highest quality and form accuracy lens after lens. In addition, the work space design allows for convenient access making it easy to clean and simplifying maintenance.

Most sophisticated polishing process
The SLP 120 relies on the most modern CNC polishing technology. In addition, the machine is preconfigured to allow a new way of hydrostatic polishing process.

Instead of utilizing compressed air to adjust the polish membrane, the system is actively controlling the polishing pressure and the liquid film to support the lens and provide perfect conditions during polishing.

The result: Polishing results as consistent and accurate as can be, even with extremely thin and complex lenses. Irregularities on the lens surface are greatly reduced.

Easy setup and correction
The Auto Teaching module enables a fully automated setup process of the polishing tool and the workpiece.

With the CNC controller intelligence, the contact situation of the tool and the work piece is determined. This includes the measuring of the polishing tool length and the positioning of the lens. The procedure reduces not only the setup time but also minimizes the risk of a crash due to improper setup.

The automated detection and alignment of the polishing tool length guarantees the precise oscillation of the tool around the radius center – the most critical parameter for high form accuracy and process stability. The reliable and precise detection of the lens and tool position enables the reproducible polishing of lenses with very thin edges and other geometric specialties.

An accurate correction of the polishing tool is accomplished, using the integrated correction spindle – with no tool change necessary! The non-productive time is reduced to a minimum.

In production, the correction spindle allows a cyclic correction of the polishing pad.


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SLP 120 - Smart and economic polishing


  SLP 120
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