SLG 301

Perfect grinding of larger optics

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Introducing the Spheroline® SLG 301
Larger diameters optics made to very high specs – the processing center Spheroline® SLG 301 meets this fundamental requirement like no other machine of its class. Large optics up to a diameter of 480 mm are manufactured on this machine for use in lithography equipment and other demanding applications.

Key to the success of the SLG 301 is the kinematic concept of the machine consisting
of the two parallel spindles for the tools and a workpiece spindle which can be positioned, swiveled and shifted to enable a wide variety of processing steps. In one process cycle you can combine rough grinding, fine grinding, centering, truncation, drilling and measuring. And the tools are changed automatically in the machine. The unique combination of these features ensures a high flexibility which enables production of simple to complex spherical optics. High utilization of the machine is guaranteed.

Solid foundation
The machine has a cast iron base for the kinematics with up to 5 axes and 3 spindles.
The modern CNC controller system drives the AC servo drives, enabling high precision and excellent dynamics of the lens processing.

The 3D processing feature of the SLG 301 enables optimal use of the grinding ring tools no matter how the uncut and finished radii vary. This results in a prolonged tool life time and reduced running costs.

Advanced spindle technology
A special advantage of the SLG 301 is the double-spindle system in combination with the automated tool changer. Two independent tool spindles facilitate flexibility and precision in one unit. While one tool spindle is supplied with various tools from the automated tool changer, the second tool spindle works with a stationary mounted tool which guarantees perfect surface quality, form accuracy, and process stability.

Automated tooling
To run complex multi-step processing jobs with ease, the automated tool changer using a HSK clamping system handles up to four tools. Without operator intervention, the complex grinding tasks consisting of several surface and edge processing steps are performed consistently. Auxiliary times are also reduced. The result: Excellent geometrical accuracy with very competitive cycle times.

In-process metrology
The consistent high performance and tight process control is accomplished with a comprehensive integrated metrology package. The process control compensates for tool wear and process drift.

The CT Control automatically checks the center thickness of the lens and makes adjustments.

The Tool Control recognizes the grinding tools and reduces significantly the set-up and correction times.

The Feed Control and its first-touch technology reduces the air cutting time during the tool approach to a minimumsaving valuable process time. The Feed Control also optimizes the process during grinding by adjusting the feed rate of the tool with respect to the cutting conditions.

The Geo Control is a CNC-controlled fine adjustment of the mutual positions of the workpiece and tool spindles to optimize the spherical quality and form error.

Data communication
The system interfaces to an Ethernet network connection and to the SCHNEIDER Optical Technology (SOT) software enabeling a smooth and effective data exchange for setup and operation. The process steps are monitored by an intelligent diagnosis and alarm system supplemented by a remote diagnostics unit to guarantee maximum utilization time. All polishing parameters are uploaded and stored on an internal data memory.

A graphical user-machine dialog allows an easy and fast completion of setup and communication tasks with the SLG 301.

The process steps are monitored by an intelligent diagnosis and alarm system supplemented by a remote diagnostics unit to guarantee maximum utilization time.

The seamless link of the SLG 301 with external measuring equipment assures a smooth and flawless processes flow. The corrections are networked into the machine.

The SLG 301 makes you better, faster and more competitive and helps you win orders.
The processing capabilities and the widely automated operation of the SLG 301 make this machine a perfect mate for the Spheroline® SLP 301 polisher.


  SLG 301
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