Modulo Line

SCHNEIDER's Modulo Line is a groundbreaking manufacturing system combining machines, measurement systems, accessories and conveyors in one single, intelligently interlinked unit. The cognitive machines manage the production flow fully self-sufficient. Its Control Center is more than a conventional MES system allowing for effective trouble shooting assistance and production efficiency monitoring.


SCHNEIDER had the vision to manufacture individual lenses based on freely definable mathematical descriptions. The HSC generators and CCP polishers have become the tools used to develop the freeform idea in the ophthalmic industry. Individual freeform lenses are now the top product in the market, and SCHNEIDER has grown to be the premier manufacturer of freeform equipment worldwide. The innovative machines have also made their way into standard Rx production, leading to higher productivity and quality of virtually all lenses surfaced today.

The next logical step is a highly integrated system solution: SCHNEIDER’s Modulo Line.



Following a new self-organizing philosophy, the cognitive machines manage the production flow all by themselves – fully self-sufficient. The result is an unprecedented level of equipment utilization in lens production and unmatched throughput. Designed for utmost flexibility, the unique arrangement and plug-and-play connection allows for the addition of new modules in any order, with minimal disruption. The Modulo Control Center seamlessly interacts with the intelligent machines and provides centralized production control. At just a glance, the smart dashboard presents the lab manager with all the key information and functions to run the lab at highest efficiency.

The Modulo Line guarantees significant cost and time savings as well as maximum equipment utilization.

Plug-and-play value
Modulo is a series of interlinked machines that creates a highly integrated system for lens production. Designed for utmost simplicity, the machines are easily integrated into the system with plug-and-play. Thereby the system reduces the cost and complexity of traditional lab planning and the time to market. Ultimately the system allows multiple ways to integrate and grow production lines – easily expanding production capability according to individual needs.

Controlling the flow
The intelligent machine software independently controls the production flow. The conveyor becomes an integral part of the machine in contrast to an external driven add-on of previous machine generations. Once a module is linked-in, the system ensures optimal utilization of the machine in a perfectly balanced production flow. Now, integration of full production lines becomes as easy as can be.

Handling all situations
The Modulo Line is a very compact and smart processing platform. Its intelligent crosslinking of machines guarantees that your production keeps going in case of an unintended stop of a single processing unit. This reduces the need for maintenance capacity and keeps the yields up.

Modulo growth roadmap
Plug-and-play simplicity provides value to all Modulo customers. The portfolio of Modulo machines will expand in the range of processing steps and performance data with the mission to meet upcoming demands. Every Modulo machine is a ticket into the future.

Managing the lab
The production is monitored and controlled with an intelligently designed management cockpit: The Modulo Control Center. It is the only MES system tailored specifically to the needs of ophthalmic production and seamslessly interacts with the cognitive machines.

The smart dashboard presents lab managers with a virtual lab overview and valuable information about the production running, e.g. machine status, efficiency reports, alerts, and preventive maintenance needs. An additional cellphone notification service gives insights on the go.

The system’s intelligent in-line quality control detects quality drifts and performs root-cause analyses for lens breakage. Systematic quality checks can be performed through a special routing functionality.

The open system allows the integration of any equipment following the VCA OMA standards.

Industry 4.0 put into practice
As the first fully-integrated lens production system, Modulo pioneered what is now called Industry 4.0 for the ophthalmic industry.

Today it is an integral part of lens production worldwide with installations in Europe, Asia, the USA, and Australia − producing thousands of jobs every hour.



  • Highly integrated system solution
  • New organizing philosophy
  • Cognitive machines
  • Easy lab layout with plug-and-play simplicity
  • New extension possibilities with minimal downtime
  • Unique arrangement
  • Unprecedented equipment utilization
  • Unmatched throughput
  • Reduced cost per lens ratio
  • Automated quality management
  • Future proof upgradeable system
  • Small footprint


Modulo Line - Automated lens processing, intelligently combined