DTS modulo

Automated deblocking and tape-stripping, intelligently combined



Designed as a perfect supplement to the CCB Modulo, the DTS Modulo provides a smooth and ef cient technology for deblocking and tape-stripping. The fast handling system transfers the lenses into the working chamber. The glue is removed with warm water thus separating the lens safely and very fast from the block piece without any residue.

During the second automated process step the tape is removed without the danger of lens breakage. The block pieces are sorted in boxes and prepared for quick reuse in the CCB Modulo, guaranteeing a maximum ease of use. The remaining tape is collected in a basket and can be disposed of easily.

Suitable for all lens materials, the DTS Modulo is the optimal choice to meet the demands of mid- and highperformance labs.

Maximum value can be gained due to an on-board interface philosophy that allows connection to the automated Modulo system.

Technical Data

power requirement

9 kW

blocking material

EFT glue

lens material

all organic materials

lens diameter

up to ø 85 mm

air requirement

6 bar (90 psi)

weight machine

750 kg (1653 lb.)

dimensions (width x depth x height)

2000 x 1800 x 1800 mm (79 x 71 x 71 inches)


  DTS modulo
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