Gets the job done

For the small and mid-sized lab, SCHNEIDER is now extending the Modulo offer with the Modulo Center 80. The same idea but different, it combines everything needed to surface a lens in one highly integrated ready-made machine for generating, polishing and laser-marking lenses end-to-end.


Imagine one single machine featuring all the technology to surface 80 lenses/hour, in just 72 sq.ft. This is the new Modulo Center 80.

The all-in-one surfacing center is a full-fledged production line without limitations: individual stations for milling and lathe turning, two double spindle polishing units, and a high-performance laser. To ensure it delivers on its promise, Modulo Center 80 features highly advanced process technology as well as robust and reliable components proven in hundreds of installations across the globe.

An inner ring forms the basis for the smart automation featuring multiple handling systems that swiftly feed the stations. Substantial time savings are won through the machine’s tight integration and by running all processes simultaneously – even milling and lathe turning. The result: There is no faster way to surface a lens end-to-end.

Its’ dedicated Control Center (MES) informs the lab manager at a glance about the current status of the machine, production parameters, and efficiency.

With Modulo Center 80 the jobs are processed in a fully automated environment without any need for operator intervention along the process chain. Simply put: Blank in, surfaced lens out.


  • Fully automated all-in-one surfacing center
  • All technology to surface 80 l/h
  • Highest throughput per sq.ft
  • Full surfacing capability for all curves and materials
  • Proven and reliable components
  • Fully automated tool and lens handling
  • Dedicated Control Center (MES)