TSA modulo

Automated tape-stripping, intelligently combined



The automated tape-stripper TSA Modulo, powered by Insomec, offers a new level of automation and efficiency.

Without operator intervention lenses are picked up, centered and transferred to the working chamber where the tape is removed quickly and damage-free. The perfect combination of the right preparation, water pressure and temperature is the key to quick and safe removal. The result is highest throughput and a perfect yield. Suitable for all plastic lenses the TSA Modulo can be used in any lab environment. The removed tape is collected in a basket and can be disposed of easily.

The TSA Modulo is the optimal choice to meet the demands of high-performance labs, ensuring productivity that can’t be matched manually.

The TSA Modulo can be used in any lab environment. Maximum value can be gained in conjunction with other machine modules of the line due to an on-board interface philosophy that allows connection to the automated Modulo system.



TSA Modulo - Automated tape-stripping, intelligently combined

Technical Data

lens diameter

up to Ø 80 mm

lens material

all plastic/organic materials

tape material

recommended tape types

power consumption

5.1 kVA avg.

air requirement

min. 6 bar (87 psi)

water requirement

demineralized water

machine weight

approx. 460 kg (1015 lb.)

dimensions (width x depth x height)

approx. 2000 x 1615 x 1930 mm (79 x 64 x 76 inches)

All data subject to change without notice. Please verify details with SCHNEIDER.


  TSA modulo
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