The SOT software enables the user to easily design a complete set of drawings of the tooling required for fabricating precision optics. Developed as an application for the state-of-the-art SolidWorks CAD software, the capabilities of the SOT software include the design of tools, polishing pads, membranes, support rings, and receptions.

3D illustrations of the tooling and visualization of the process allow for easy verification of the tooling concepts during the design phase.

The standard SolidWorks CAD software that is required for operating the SOT program offers various additional CAD features that significantly extend the capabilities of the SOT software. Modification and customer optimization of the automatically tool sets is easy to accomplish due to the CAD system. Both specific tooling and additional CAD design tasks can be performed with this very user-friendly software package.



Development and calculation of tool concepts


Generation of complete drawing sets


Simulation of the processing situation


3D illustrations


Data export


Application for a standard SolidWorks CAD platform


  SOT 3
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