SLI 202 - ALI 202

In-production quality assurance



The compact workshop interferometers enable placement on the production floor, providing ready access to the optician and increased productivity.

The vertical vibration-isolated design requires minimum floor space. The full housing protects the instrument in less-than-ideal environments.

A live monitor display of the fringe patterns makes the alignment easy. The phase measuring feature results in an accurate wave front map which you can further study by the user-friendly analysis software.

Optional precision distance measurement devices allow for an accurate positioning of the lens. Also an add-on, the fully automated alignment feature uses motorized translation and rotation stages to move the lens, and for aspheres the computer-generated hologram (CGH), to get very reproducible measurements.

The interferometer is available as SLI 202 spheric version or ALI 202 aspheric version – enabling precise radius and shape measurement of virtually any precision optics.

Technical Data

objective size

SLI 202: up to 150 mm (6")
ALI 202: up to 150 mm (6")

lens tables 1 + 2

travelling range (Z):
SLI 202: 1200 mm
ALI 202: 1020 mm

cross slide stage 1 + 2

travelling range (X):
SLI 202: 10 mm
ALI 202: 10 mm

travelling range (Y):
SLI 202: 10 mm
ALI 202: 10 mm


measuring accuracy

SLI 202: λ/10 (depending on measuring objective)
ALI 202: depending on measuring objective

power consumption

SLI 202: 1 kVA avg.
ALI 202: 1 kVA avg.

dimensions without interferometer (width x depth x height)

SLI 202: 1085 x 1125 x 1960 mm (43 x 45 x 78 inches)
ALI 202: 1085 x 1125 x 1960 mm (43 x 45 x 78 inches)

All data subject to change without notice. Please verify details with SCHNEIDER.