SLC 80

Efficient centering of midsized optics



Introducing the Spheroline® SLC 80
High performance meets maximum precision in the SLC 80 providing great flexibility and highest quality in a midsized centering machine.

The sophisticated CNC controlled clamping technique guarantees highly sensitive, fully automated clamping of the lens. Thanks to the double spindle design, the centering machine allows for simultaneous edge processing. Virtually any lens contour can be produced based on the broad range of centering options in the SCHNEIDER Centering Technology (SCT) software.

Equipped with the optional robot automation the SLC 80 can process small to large batches, minimizing idle time and increasing productivity. The result is a powerful and highly cost-effective centering solution.

Proven design
The SLC 80’s design serves as the basis for its wide range of useful processing combinations.

The modern CNC controller in conjunction with the quality defining AC servo drives enable high precision and excellent dynamics for the centering process.

The special CNC double slide technique allows for the simultaneous processing of the lens with two tools. This feature increases the productivity of various processes, including simultaneous rough and fine grinding of contours and recesses. Even challenging centering jobs are accomplished quickly and precisely by using double processing capability.

A sophisticated CNC controlled clamping technique guarantees a sensitive, fully automatic clamping of the lens with minimal setup times by employing differential measurement technique.

The wear-free precision clamping bells come with an optimized geometry and surface structure enabling the previously impossible: Clamping the lenses in the clear aperture. The centering spindles are aligned with extraordinary accuracy and run perfectly evenly and concentrically. This enables outstanding results even at comparably low centering angles.

The clamping bells are quickly changed via hydro expansion chucks. Consequently, setup times are minimized. This process is fully supported by the sophisticated technology package of the SLC 80.

Sophisticated centering technology
Full advantage of the capabilities of the SLC 80 are realized by using the following intelligent software and hardware features: 

With the SCHNEIDER Centering Technology (SCT) virtually any shape can be defined with ease. Based on built in geometrical modules the operator can freely define the lens contour by setting the geometrical and process parameters in the graphical user interface. The software automatically selects the optimal processing steps from the integrated technology library and visualizes the process. This way, the software guarantees high-quality and consistent results for each individual lens. Alternatively, the geometrical and process parameters can be set manually providing the operator with full flexibility to cater to the specific requirements of a lens. For example the type of tools being used, the order of the processing steps, etc.

The Clamping Control contains the CNC controlled bell clamping technology. This automatic process control minimizes setup times. A re-setup of the clamping configuration can be done by loading the corresponding file which contains all relevant clamping parameters like clamping speed, clamping force and clamping position.

The Align Control consists of an integrated interactive laser measuring system to measure and control the centering error. This feature includes a user menu to analyze the centering error and tilt angle, taking the refractive index and the clamping configuration into consideration. The centering error tolerance range is monitored and feeds back to the centering process. Also the zero position is corrected automatically. For non self-centering lenses the SLC 80 provides an iterative CNC positioning and measuring mode to automatically align the lens. The result: Perfect centering even for complex lenses.

The unique Contour Control option that allows for measuring the lens contour without unclamping the lens inside the machine. The measuring equipment can be setup quickly and the contour can be measured immediately. Deviations are easily assessed and corrective actions can be performed on the spot – with the lens still clamped.

The Truncation Control enables CNC controlled contour processing of nonrotationally symmetric edge geometries for the production of truncations, rectangles, and polygons. Rotationally symmetric and non-rotationally symmetric edge geometries are produced in one working cycle. The corresponding parameters are entered via the dialog menu in the Cartesian coordinate system. The integrated CNC based center thickness measurement technology is used for controlling of the center thickness according to the predefined tolerance range and for adjustments of the lens geometry according to the center thikness deviations.

Non-stop automated processing
The SLC 80 can be equipped with a robot loading system for efficient and cost-effective production. Its easy-to-teach robot is highly flexible and swiftly transfers the lenses into the machine – minimizing idle time. The use of multiple pallets provides the option for non-stop processing of large batches without manual intervention.

Technical Data

working range max. ø

80 mm

number of axes

6 (X1, X2, Z1, Z2, W, C)

feed rate

X1-, X2-, Z1-, Z2-axis: 0.01 – 7500 mm/min

positioning and repeat accuracy

X1-, X2-, Z1-, Z2-axis: +/- 0.001 mm

positioning and repeat accuracy

C-axis: +/- 4"

measuring accuracy

 W-axis: +/- 0.001 mm

tool spindle connection with clamping chuck

20 H5 x 20

speed tool spindle

1500 min-1

centering spindle connection

12 x 25 HD

speed range centering spindle

0 – 150 min-1

grinding wheels ø

120 mm

power consumption

3 kVA avg.

air requirement

min. 5 bar (73 psi)

machine weight

approx. 1300 kg (2866 lb.)

dimensions without control panel (width x depth x height)

approx. 1040 x 1187 x 2146 mm (41 x 47 x 85 inches)

All data subject to change without notice. Please verify details with SCHNEIDER.


  SLC 80
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