SCP 100

Efficient polishing of spheres and aspheres



Introducing the Surfacing Center SCP 100
Perfectly polished precision optics: the SCP 100 is the optimal polisher to help you achieve this goal, even with the most demanding specifications.

We focused our design efforts on maximizing the return on your investment – the result is a flexible high-end polishing solution at very attractive price.

The Surfacing Center SCP 100 polishes all types of spheres, flats and complex aspherical lenses quickly, economically and with superior quality.

The SCP 100 offers an extensive package of options with different spindle arrangements and sophisticated measurement technology enabling the optimal configuration for your specific needs.

Solid foundation
The machine comes with a stiff cast-iron base for kinematics of up to 4 axes and 4 spindles.

The industrial PC controller system runs the AC servo drives ensuring consistently high accuracy during polishing and correction. The controller checks and adjusts all parameters of the polishing process including process times, working pressures, and oscillation speed. You can easily perform multi-step processing and adjust your parameters individually.

One step ahead
The basic S1/2 version of the SCP 100 comes with one polishing spindle opposite the workpiece and correction spindles which are arranged in parallel. This arrangement enables the correction and the polishing step without any tool change. The configuration ensures maximum form accuracy, surface quality and process stability.

In the S2/2 version, the SCP 100 is equip-ped with a second polishing spindle. Thisadditional spindle enables 2-step polishingfor a maximal form stability and highest surface quality – even with critical lenses.

Automated processing
The combination of the machine with an optional, retrofitable automation assures fast handling, minimum auxiliary times and thus maximum cost-effectiveness. The module supports carousel or pallet operation and is easy to teach.

Easy setup and correction
The Auto Teaching module enables a fully automated setup process of the polishing tool and the workpiece. The contact situation of the tool and the work piece is determined with high accuracy. This includes the measuring of the polishing-tool length and the positioning of the lens. The procedure reduces the setup time and ensures the correct settings under all conditions. The crash risk due to improper setup is virtually eliminated.

The automated detection and alignment of the polishing-tool length guarantees the precise oscillation of the tool around the radius center – the most critical parameter for high form accuracy and process stability. The reliable and precise detection of the lens and tool position enables the reproducible polishing of lenses with very thin edges and other geometric specialties.

An accurate correction of the polishing tool is accomplished, using the integrated correction spindle – with no tool change necessary! The unproductive time is reduced to a minimum. In production, the correction spindle allows a cyclic correction of the polishing pad.

Additionally, a graphically supported correction routine enables the operator to optimize the oscillation behavior to further minimize any form deviations.

The Geo Control is a CNC-controlled fine adjustment of the mutual positions of the workpiece and tool spindles to optimize the spherical quality and form error.

Aspheric version SCPA
As the companion of the SCP 100 which is solely dedicated to spherical lens polishing, the SCPA100 has full polishing capabilities of spheres and aspheres. The optimum polishing process for aspheres is calculated and executed on the basis of an automatically determined cutting profile of the tool. The actual values of the workpiece like geo­metry, material and surface roughness are taken into consideration by using a special simulation technology.

The SCPA100 optionally integrates two po­­li­sh­ing spindles which can take both spherical and aspherical polishing tools simultaneously. The integrated correction spindle ­enables the dressing of both the spherical and the zonal aspherical polishing tools.

Off-axis polishing
The aspherical off-axis polishing of the SCPA100 allows for pre-polishing at high removal rates and adapted material removal over the lens surface from edge to center. This results in a significant reduction of mid-spatial frequencies. Further benefits are low tool wear and high long-term stability.

Data communication
The system interfaces to the SCHNEIDER ­Optical Technology (SOT) software. Service is supported by an intelligent analysis system with ­remote diagnostics.
A graphical user interface assists the ­operator for an easy and fast completion of communi­cation tasks with the SCP 100. The seamless link of the surfacing center SCP 100 with external measuring equipment assures a smooth and flawless processes flow. The corrections are networked into the machine.

Technical Data

working range max. ø unrestricted (restricted) spheres

SCP 100 S1/2: 100 mm (120 mm/140 mm1)
SCP 100 S2/2: 100 mm (120/140 mm1)
SCP100 S2/2: 100 mm (120/140 mm1)
with automation: 100 mm

working range

radius: 5 mm – flat

number of axes

3 + 4 (X, Z, B, optional Y, Q1, Q2, Z1)

feed rate

X-axis:0.01 – 20000 mm/min
Y-axis:0.01 – 6000 mm/min
Z-axis: 0.01 – 6000 mm/min

positioning and repeat accuracy

X-, Y-, Z-axis: +/– 0.001 mm

feed rate

B-axis: 0.01 – 5400 °/min

positioning and repeat accuracy

B-axis: +/– 4”

tool spindle connection

25 x 42 HD, 12 x 25 HD

speed range tool spindle

50 – 2500 min-1

workpiece spindle connection flange ø

100 mm

speed range workpiece spindle

25 – 2000 min-1

power consumption

4.0 kVA

air requirement

min. 6 bar (87 psi)


0.6 bar (8.7 psi)

weight machine

approx. 1700 kg (3748 lb.)

dimensions without control panel (width x depth x height)

approx. approx. 1750 x 1481 x 1940 mm
(69 x 58 x 77 inches)

All data subject to change without notice. Please verify details with SCHNEIDER.

1without tool dressing option.


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