SCG 500

Grinding of large aspheres and spheres



Introducing the SCG 500
Today, precise aspheres are an indispensable element in the design of highaperture-ratio, compact objectives for a wide range of industrial applications. When large aspherics are needed, precision grinding is the undisputed manufacturing technology of choice.

The SCHNEIDER aspheric grinding machine SCG 500, delivers a new level of grinding large aspheres with up to a diameter of 500 millimeters with high quality and form accuracy.

In an unprecedented way, the highly integrated SCG 500 platform combines the three key product features: double-spindle technology, automated tooling, and on-board measuring technique. The precision grinding technology is expanded by centering, truncating, drilling, and scooping options.

The unique combination of these features ensures a high processing flexibility for the production of the easiest to the most complex parts. Not only aspheres, but also spheres, flats, prisms and other special geometries can be manufactured on the SCG 500. High utilization of the machine is guaranteed.

Solid foundation
A very stiff cast iron base forms the rock-solid foundation for this impressive machine. No less than six axes and three direct drive spindles create the freedom and precision of motion to accomplish the challenging processing tasks. The kinematics has been specifically optimized to process large aspheres and spheres to very tight tolerances.

The modern microprocessor SINUMERIK 840 Digital enables high precision and excellent dynamics. This state-of-the-art controller drives the quality-defining AC servo drives.

Double-spindle technology
A special advantage of the SCG 500 is the double-spindle system. Two independent tool spindles with direct drives facilitate a rare combination of flexibility and precision in one unit. While one tool spindle is supplied with various tools from the automated tool changer, the second tool spindle works with a stationary mounted tool which guarantees perfect surface quality, form accuracy, and process stability.

Automated tooling
To run complex multi-step processing jobs with ease, the automated tool changer handles up to eight tools. Without operator intervention, the complex grinding tasks consisting of several surface and edge processing steps are performed consistently. Auxiliary times are reduced, too. The result: the excellent geometrical accuracy with very competitive cycle times.

Alternatively to wheel grinding for making aspherics, the tool spindles can be equipped with cup-wheel grinding tools enabling the surfacing of challenging spheres. The CT Control guarantees fast and precise setup as a prerequisite for the integrated process control.

In-process metrology
The consistent high performance and tight process control is accomplished with a comprehensive integrated metrology package.

Our process control compensates for tool wear and process drift. The CT Control automatically checks the center thickness of the lens and makes adjustments. The tooling is monitored by no less than three control systems


The Tool Control recognizes the grinding tools.



The Feed Control optimizes the first touch of the tool spindles and the load-depending grinding process.



The Balance Control allows the operator to control and optimize the smooth run of the tools resulting in significantly reduced subsurface-damage of the valuable work pieces.

The graphical user interface of the machine helps the operator complete the computerassisted setup with ease and to run the machine smoothly.

Service is supported by an intelligent analysis system with remote diagnostic and corrections are networked into the machine.

Working with the Surfacing Center SCG 500, your focus is put exactly where it belongs, on your work.

Technical Data

working range

max. Ø: 500 mm with edge processing, 640 mm without edge processing
radius: 60 mm – flat

number of axes

5+1 (X, Y1, Y2, Z, B, Q)

feed rate

X-axis: 0.01 – 15000 mm/min 
Y-axis: 0.01 – 10000 mm/min 
Z-axis: 0.01 – 5000 mm/min

positioning and repeat accuracy X-, Y-, Z-axis

+/- 0.001 mm

feed rate B-axis

0.01 – 4300 ° /min

positioning and repeat accuracy B-axis

+/- 4"

tool spindle connection

HSK-A 80

tool spindle speed range

5 – 3500 min-1

workpiece spindle connection flange Ø

190 mm

workpiece spindle speed range

25 – 1000 min-1

power consumption

15.0 kVA

compressed air supply

min. 6 bar (87 psi)

vacuum requirement

min. 0.6 bar (8.7 psi)

weight machine

approx. 10000 kg (22047 lb.)

dimensions (width x height x depth) without electrical cabine and control unit

approx. 2930 x 2316 mm x 2496 (116 x 91 x 98 inches)

All data subject to change without notice. Please verify details with SCHNEIDER.


  SCG 500
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