Polishing lenses non-stop
The computer-controlled polisher CCP 103 represents SCHNEIDER’s commitment to the pursuit of perfection. This machine was designed through the consistent refinement of the industry-leading polisher, CCP 102. The benchmark polisher CCP 103 offers a significantly larger number of polished freeform and Rx lenses compared to existing market solutions without compromising on quality. A jump to a previously unreachable productivity level has been achieved through the reduction and parallelization of auxiliary process steps. The result: A fully automated two-lens polisher that starts polishing virtually immediately after the previous polishing job is finished.

A special 3-channel controller and multi-axis kinematics enable individual processing of lenses. The key element for the high-quality polishing process is the SCHNEIDER polishing technology. This technology allows for efficient processing of the most sophisticated surface geometries and strongest curvatures without form deviations. Multi-step polishing cycles and modern macro technology guarantee the consistent polishing of different plastic materials and all geometries.

Performance package 
The new machine features of the polisher CCP 103 are bundled in the performance-boosting technique package. This solution manages several auxiliary steps in parallel:the supply of the next tools, on-the-fly exchange of two prepared tools, and the cleaning of the lenses, respectively. And all this occurs while the polishing process is uninterrupted.


Full flexibility, full speed
The extremely fast tool changer now allows for an efficient exchange between different polishing processes. The optional two-step polishing enables benefits for very sensitive materials and highest cosmetic requirements. The intelligent, fully-automated lens and tool handling system results in a self-sustaining polishing solution running up to 24 hours per day, 7 days a week.

Few tools, full range
A new generation of adaptive tools, with high-tech pad materials on the proven “click-easy” lock system, enable shorter polishing times, longer tool life-time and higher flexibility. The tools are stored on two independently controlled tool drums making the automation simple. The computer-controlled tool management system selects the individual tools based on radius of curve and usage cycles. With the adaptive tools, all lenses can now be polished to individually defined prescription curves. The CCP 103 meets your needs!

The clean solution
Both polishing stations are covered by flexible rubber bellows ensuring a perfect seal and easy cleaning. To take the cleanliness a step further, the integrated washing station cleans the polished lenses prior to depositing them in the tray.
The CCP 103, boosted by the performance package, perfectly meets your high-end requirements. Teamed up with the HSC generator, these machines build the core of a fully-automated surfacing solutionthat guarantees highest productivity and excellent quality.

Technical Data

lens diameter

up to Ø 92 mm

clamping system

block Ø 43 mm


CR39, Hi-index, Polycarbonate, Trivex®

curve range

concave: 0 – 14 diopters

power consumption

8.0 kVA

air requirement

min. 5 bar (73 psi)

weight machine

approx. 1450 kg (3197 lb.)

dimensions (width x depth x height)

approx. 1556 x 1868 x 1990 mm (61 x 74 x 79 inches)

All data subject to change without notice. Please verify details with SCHNEIDER.


  CCP 103
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