SCHNEIDER explores new horizons entering the market for contact lens and IOL manufacturing

SCHNEIDER is entering the market for contact lens and IOL manufacturing technology with not one but two brand-new solutions for single-point diamond turning, covering the full range of technical needs.

  • The fully featured UPC 100 Vision is designed for highest quality needs like manufacturing most sophisticated polish-free IOL’s, mold inserts or highly complex individualized contact lenses.
  • The compact UPC nano with on board Fast Tool capabilities produces high-quality contact lenses at unprecedented performance and maximum cost-efficiency with minimum investment.

The latter celebrated its world premiere at the Global Specialty Lens Symposium in Las Vegas in January. “The UPC nano has been very positively received by the market. We have since sold the first machines and the customers are very happy with the results, praising the exceptionally high productivity and unique configuration options”, says Dr. Stephan Huttenhuis, VP Technology/Business Development.

SCHNEIDER creates faster and more efficient solutions specifically designed for freeform manufacturing, merging highest surface accuracy and quality with best productivity. The highly modular UPC machines feature a very rigid machine base, innovative drive technology, full encapsulation, latest Fast Tool technology, super-fast scan head laser (optional for UPC nano) and many more. Prepared for automation, the machines pave the way towards non-stop automated processing without operator intervention. This makes the UPC nano and UPC 100 Vision future-proof investments.