SCHNEIDER celebrates two world premieres at VEW

SCHNEIDER had its biggest show ever at Vision Expo West, Las Vegas from September 27-29, 2018. With its largest ever booth space, the excitement was tremendous for incredible world premieres. The new all-in-one surfacing Modulo Center 80 and HSE Modulo QS edger were the highlights of the show for the lab visitors.

“The show was very busy. And you could feel the excitement around the booth, especially after our incredibly hard work to bring the new equipment in time for the show,” says Gunter Schneider, president of SCHNEIDER. Modulo Center 80 is a new, all-in-one surfacing center for the production lab, combining lens milling, turning, polishing and precision laser marking in a single machine for the first time. Built for the mid-sized to larger production labs or as a perfect express line application, the Modulo Center 80 was constantly surrounded by attendees that were thrilled to see all surfacing steps combined in one machine.

The Modulo S-Line has been extended by HSE Modulo QS, the fastest industrial edger in the world, it’s the first edger to outpace any other for speed while combining two rough cut and two finishing stations to process four lenses simultaneously for exceptional throughput. It also eliminates post surface optical inspection via two on board full lens mapping units. Maximum production capability, multiple tool options and complete optical mapping for the first time drew a lot attention. Besides HSE Modulo QS, the existing S-Line machines, generator HSC Modulo XTS and polisher CCP Modulo S, once again attracted attention as labs demand maximum production capability in the smallest floorspace and with fantastic quality. ”This kind of power in generating and polishing is unprecedented. Best output per square foot or meter is the key factor now for labs around the world, and the new S-Line is unmatched on the market”, says Kurt Atchison, president of SCHNEIDER North America.

In coating, mid-sized electron beam coater EBC 900 was demonstrated, offering lower capital investment and radically lower energy costs combined with best in class coating quality. Visitors noted how SCHNEIDER’s coating technology is growing fast. One of the most recent innovations being the brand-new Anti Fog technology providing a clear view for all ophthalmic lenses, sun lenses, sports lenses and visors. The Anti Fog layer can be applied with any SCHNEIDER EBC coating machine.

For the smaller labs, the Nano Line was on display, offering the most capable small surface and coating line, including the new CB Nano blocker, Nano XP generator and CCP Nano polisher, along with the spin hard coater SHC Nano and AR coater RPT Nano. Two other brand-new technologies had the attendees talking. First, the launch of a new process for high-quality brilliant, dark or gradient tinting of uncoated polycarbonate Rx and freeform lenses which can be applied with SCHNEIDER’s TFA tinting system. Polycarbonate has never before been tintable without a soft backside spin coating until now. Second, TWA, the first in-line, fast and quality job tray washing system was demonstrated. It keeps the production tidy, constantly cleaning production trays.

Schneider also hosted the well-attended ‘Modern Lab’ symposium, featuring several high production laboratory executives discussing their needs for modern production and data acquisition. Among the ophthalmic industry trends, the panel discussed the Modulo Control Center with its Virtual Lab Management tools answering the need for real time actionable data about every aspect of the production line.

According to Kurt Atchison, “VEW 2018 was really memorable. I’m not certain if the overall show attendance was that much larger, but the SCHNEIDER booth was really jammed. With so much incredible technology on display, it’s no surprise.”