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SLP 120


The high-quality spherical polisher SLP 120 combines excellent performance to investment ratio, uncompromised form accuracy as well as perfect reproducibility. Equipped with the hydrostatic polishing option even higher surface accuracies can be achieved. With the integration of a correction spindle mounted in parallel to the workpiece spindle, precise and convenient tool correction is guaranteed. Using the Auto Teaching feature, the setup can be done easily and in virtually no time.

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ALP 120


The aspherical lens polisher ALP 120 was specifically designed for high-quality polishing of aspheres using SCHNEIDER's Advanced Polishing System 3D. The combination of powerful machine technology and superior process design provides outstanding polishing results for even the most demanding specifications. Thanks to the automatic calculation of error corrections and the control of significant threshold values, subsequent measurement and corrective polishing steps are reduced to a minimum.

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UPC 300


The most accurate three-axis ultra precision center UPC 300 combines productivity and accuracy in a very unique way. An optional long stroke Fast Tool processes a wide range of freeform geometries, dramatically increasing productivity in freeform machining. The combination of an optional B-axis for machining diffractive structures or high aperture angles, a high-quality optical metrology system and unique data handling capabilities make the UPC 300 the perfect choice to achieve highest precision in freeform machining.

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Other exciting equipment


The unique mechanical design of the surfacing center SCG 250 combines ideal axis configurations for excellent grinding of large spherical, aspherical, and freeform optics in one machine. Its innovative kinematics and spindle setup allow for both cup and peripheral wheel grinding in one process cycle.

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High performance meets maximum precision in the midsized centering machine SLC 80 providing ultimate flexibility and quality. The sophisticated CNC-controlled clamping technique guarantees highly sensitive, fully automated clamping of the lens. Its double spindle design allows for simultaneous edge processing.

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The flexible and precise SLC 302 centering machine for larger optics combines rough and fine grinding, serial or simultaneous processing of simple or sophisticated contours and recesses. Using the unique CNC controlled differential clamping technology, the fully automated clamping of the lenses is quickly accomplished.

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Designed as a perfect symbiosis between production and measurement equipment, the UPC 400 single machine platform features all the essential processes for freeform machining including material processing, metrology and data handling for optics up to 400 mm in diameter.

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