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All you need in one box

At only 7 sqm, the all-in-one surfacing center Modulo Center 80 features all the technology to surface 80 lenses/hour without limitations: individual stations for milling and lathe turning, two double spindle polishing units, and a high-performance laser.

Substantial time savings are won through the machine‘s tight integration and by running all processes simultaneously – even milling and lathe turning. It's own dedicated Control Center informs the lab manager at a glance about the current status of the machine, production parameters, and efficiency.

The result: There is no faster way to surface a lens end-to-end. 

More aboutModulo Center 80




The world's fastest edger

Meet the fastest edger on the market - HSE Modulo QS. Thanks to its unique quattro design featuring two rough cut and two finishing stations, four lenses are processed simultaneously at highest speeds for exceptional throughput. The two sophisticated LMU optical measurement units provide fully automated quality control based on the full lens map.
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The world of Modulo


The fastest generator

The S-Line generator, HSC Modulo XTS,  is the fastest generator with an extremely powerful XS-motor accelerating to more than 40 g. Combined with high-frequency drive technology, a new milling spindle, and intelligent new algorithms, the generator processes best-in-class quality in the shortest time.
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The best polisher

The S-Line polisher, CCP Modulo S, is the best polisher on the market providing highest quality without compromising flexibility. Now fitted with high-speed handling systems, it is even faster. Breakage and cost per lens is kept to a minimum.
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Eco-Friendly: Alloy-free EFT plastic blocking

Our alloy-free thin film blocker, CCB Modulo, and deblocker, DTS Modulo, contribute to an environmentally-friendly production based on the new Eco-Fuse blocking Technology (EFT).
More about CCB Modulo and DTS Modulo

Further exhibits


Replacing tape: Spin protection technology

Our new spin protection technology, SPP Modulo, replaces tape to optimally protect the lens during the surfacing process. Problems with wrinkles, bubbles, detaching, commonly known with tape, are a thing of the past. 


For the small lab

Extremely low investment costs combined with minimal space requirements are the reasons that make the Nano Line the perfect choice to produce high quality freeform lenses virtually anywhere. The line features most modern blocking, surfacing, and coating technologies. More about Nano Line


New tinting process

With Polycarbonate tinting we have developed a new process for high-quality brilliant, dark or gradient tinting of uncoated polycarbonate Rx and freeform lenses. For the first time, there is no trade-off between high abrasion resistance and color.
More about Polycarbonate tinting


Most modular hardcoating

DHC/USC 300 is the first hardcoating solution to ideally reflect your individual process requirements. The most modular machine concept and great choice of options provide highest flexibility. Stay abreast of changes with a future-proof investment. 


Excellent thin film coating

Electron beam coater, EBC 900, is SCHNEIDER's advanced coating solution for medium-sized and larger Rx labs. Its innovative design enables 70 percent of energy savings while offering high throughput of up to 114 lenses/batch at a time. More about EBC 900


New coating process

SCHNEIDER has solved a problem well-known by everybody wearing glasses: Blurred vision caused by fogged lenses. The brand-new Anti Fog technology provides a clear view for all ophthalmic lenses, sun lenses, sports lenses and visors. More about Anti Fog