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Let light shine in the darkness

Send light

Christmas is the celebration of love. This year, we want to bring joy and compassion to people in need by donating them our Christmas budget.

Together, we SEND LIGHT to those suffering from the tsunami in Sulawesi, Indonesia. Over 1,400 people died, more than 70,000 lost their homes in this terrible event and up to 200,000 are in need of relief aid.

With our giving, we want to offer hope and confidence to the people that need it most. To learn more about the project we support please scroll down.





About GAin

Disaster response Team (DART) is a joint initiative of all Global Aid Network (GAiN) offices worldwide. 

DART members are international volunteers trained to be sent to disaster areas worldwide and provide efficient, effective, professional-quality assistance and support. They arrive shortly after a disaster for direct aid yet also with the objective of sustainable projects by working closely together with local partners.

Main tasks include providing an emergency shelter, food distribution as well as non-food items, medical support, trauma counseling along with efforts for water, sanitation and hygiene.

For more information about GAiN visit and