UPC 400UPC 400UPC 400
Fascination for Innovation
UPC 400 - Ultra-precise machining of freeform optics

The UPC 400 represents a new, flexible process for fabricating ultra-precise freeform surfaces.

With onboard fast tool, milling, and optical metrology, the UPC 400 integrates all essential processes onto a single machine platform.

A unique axis design enables complete machining and measurement of large diameter parts up to 400 mm using only a single clamping setup. Powered by advanced control technology and drives, the UPC 400 provides safe and reliable high quality machining.

Innovative software combines advanced data handling systems with a simple user friendly interface. NURBS freeform data can be processed directly and used for machining, measurement, and additional corrective machining.

3D visualization of the NURBS data and measurements allows for verification and inspection of the freeform surface.

  • Highest precision freeform machining
  • Maximum data accuracy via single source principle
  • Processing using single clamping setup
  • Large work piece capability
  • Integrated optical metrology
  • Increased machining freedom via rotary table
  • Convenient access to machine workspace