SLP 301SLP 301SLP 301
Fascination for Innovation
SLP 301

The new Spheroline polishing center SLP 301 CNC represents the optimal addition to the processing center SLG 301 CNC based on a similar machine concept. Due to the high stiffness and despite polishing tools up to d=480 mm the goal of reaching highest form accuracy and reproducibility will be achieved. High performance digital spindle drives (>10 kW) guarantee a high torque and thus a safe process and short processing times.

The correction spindle which is in that machine size firstly mounted parallel to the workpiece spindle offers high correction accuracy as well as polishing and correction without any tool change. The machine cinematics allows the loading of the polishing tool on the lower spindle. Thus the form stable position of the lens is guaranteed during the polishing process as well as an optimized handling of the workpiece.

A park position for the workpiece spindle slide as well as the front and top opened machine housing enables an ergonomic change of heavy polishing tools by i.e. crane loading. The SLP 301 offers thus all preconditions for the economic manufacturing of high precision lenses combined with an easy operation.

  • Geo-Control
    CNC-controlled optimization of the geometry
  • Tool-Correction
    CNC-controlled correction
    of the polishing tool
  • Autoteaching
    CNC-controlled determination
    of the contact points
  • Form-Correction
    CNC-controlled optimization of the
    oscillation behaviour