Fascination for Innovation

When polishing spherical surfaces using CNC machines, usually form tools are used that are adapted to the required final lens shape. The tool aperture is twice the lens aperture. Using the Schneider Optical Technology software, tools can easily be designed, and a fast turn-around from initial lens design to a polished lens is possible at comparably low costs. The Schneider polishing machines offer features like the Autoteaching function, which allows the determination of the position of the tools with respect to the lens or the dressing tool, for easy and fast set-up. The automated Tool Correction function ensures stable polishing process parameters. 

 Aspheric surfaces are typically polished using a small-spot tool because a form tool is not appropriate. Both the sophisticated design of the Schneider machines and the deep understanding of process technology transferred to the machine routines result in excellent polishing results.


The polishing machines of the Schneider Spheroline offer different manufacturing concepts with high process integration and flexibility. The polishing machines can be equipped with multiple options to adapt them to different production needs.

Aspheric (A)

Schneider offers Surfacing Centers including polishers with full spherical and aspheric capabilities. Besides Synchrospeed polishing of spheres, small-spot polishing can be used for aspheric surfaces.