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SLG 301

The new Spheroline processing center SLG 301 CNC was developed according to the high requirements of large optics (dmax=480 mm) i.e. lithography optics. Designed on Schneider specific cinematics (swivelled workpiece spindle) the new machine concept applies new standards regarding stiffness and precision. Substantial analyses and vibration examinations lead to a machine design allowing high processing forces and achieving at the same time high geometrical accuracy and minimized surface damaging of the workpiece.

Additionally our successful doublespindle concept is used, in order to guarantee a flexible, independent rough- and fine grinding with standard tools. The integrated tool changer offers highest process integration and individual process setup for processing large optics due to flexible use of standard- and special tools.

The workpiece spindle (turn up to 180) also can be used as a positioning c-axis. Along with a y-axis for a dynamical fine adjustment of the spindle it results in a maximum performance of the processing center. The SLG 301 CNC offers thus a number of working steps such as rough-/fine grinding, centering, truncation, drilling, measuring etc. which can be realized, individually-combined in one process cycle.