SCG 500SCG 500SCG 500
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SCG 500 - Grinding of large aspheres and spheres

Today, precise aspheres are an indispensable element in the design of high-aperture-ratio, compact objectives for a wide range of industrial applications. When large aspherics are needed, precision grinding is the undisputed manufacturing technology of choice.

The SCHNEIDER aspheric grinding machine SCG 500, delivers a new level of grinding large aspheres with up to a diameter of 500 millimeters with high quality and form accuracy.

In an unprecedented way, the highly integrated manufacturing SCG 500 platform combines the three key product features: double-spindle technology, automated tooling, and on-board measuring technique. The precision grinding technology is expanded by centering, truncating, drilling, and scooping options.

  • Manufacturing of large aspheres and spheres
  • High quality and form accuracy
  • Cup-wheel and wheel grinding
  • Automated multiple-step processing
  • Extended capabilities for processing of spheres, flats, prisms, and special geometries
  • Computer-assisted set-upIntegrated process control for high process stability
  • Automated tool balancing for minimal subsurface damage
  • Graphical user interface
  • Intelligent analysis system with remote diagnostics
  • Modern network connectionAutomated central lubrication