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Fascination for Innovation
SCG 250 - Excellent grinding of large optics

Working with larger optics in the 250 mm range you are confronted with various geometries and demanding specifications that require sophisticated grinding solutions.

The SCG 250s unique mechanical design combines ideal axis configurations for excellent grinding of large spherical, aspherical, and freeform optics in one machine. Its innovative kinematics and spindle setup allow for both cup and peripheral wheel grinding in one process cycle resulting in superb form accuracy and minimized surface roughness.

The optional packages include fast automation and sophisticated in-process measurement technology for higher productivity and process stability.

Innovative frame concept

The SCG 250 has been designed with your requirements for perfect grinding in mind.

The new frame concept is the basis for completely independent vertical and horizontal spindle arrangements as well as tool configurations. It unites perfect preconditions for the very different grinding tasks like spherical and aspherical machining in one innovative mechanical design.

An independent placement of the working positions allows high flexibility in tool size and process design with virtually no limits.

Optionally, the versatile surfacing center can be equipped with a freeform package. Two highly dynamical axes with small moving masses enable high accelerations and processing speeds.

Advanced spindle technology

The spherical version of the SCG 250 comes with up to three independent tool spindles offering higher flexibility in defining the grinding steps and corresponding grain sizes of the tools.

The version S2/1 enables automated multistep processing. One spindle does the rough grinding including centering and
beveling. A second spindle takes care of the fine grinding.

With the version S3/1 the grinding is brought to the finest level. The additional third tool spindle meets the highest quality requirements. It also increases your flexibility in small batch processing reducing the need for disruptive tool changes.

All tool spindles are direct-driven, allowing for smooth processing with minimal subsurface damage.

Automated processing

The spherical SCG 250 versions (S2/1 and S3/1) come with an optional fast automation which includes, automatic setup cycles, automatic lens detection and multi-purpose workpiece magazines.

This retrofitable automation assures fast handling, minimum auxiliary times, and maximum cost-effectiveness.

Version SCGA 250 spheres and aspheres processed in one machine.

As the companion of the SCG 250 for spherical grinding, the SCGA 250 has full grinding capabilities of spheres and aspheres.

The extended axis arrangement of the SCGA 250 with two additional horizontal tool spindles allows optimized asphere manufacturing. Very precise contour processing of aspherical lenses is guaranteed.

The options for peripheral wheel or cup wheel grinding offer the freedom to select the optimal manufacturing process for convex and concave aspheres as well as for edge processing.

SCG 250 with freeform option sophisticated freeform grinding capabilities.

In addition to rotationally symmetric parts, the SCG 250 can process freeform optics when equipped with the freeform option.

The peripheral wheels are mounted to fast X-axes enabling rough and fine grinding of non-rotationally symmetric optical components.

In-process metrology

The consistent high performance and tight process control is accomplished with an integrated metrology package.

CT Control automatically checks center thickness and performs the adjustments accordingly.
Tool Control recognizes the grinding tools and significantly reduces the set-up and correction times. Additionally process control compensates for tool wear.
Feed Control with its first touch technology minimizes the air cutting during tool approach to a minimum saving valuable
process time. Feed Control also optimizes the grinding process by adjusting the feed rate of the tool with respect to the cutting conditions.
Curve Control allows for measurement and correction of spherical geometry.
Balance Control allows the operator to control and optimize the balance of the tool run out resulting in significantly reduced subsurface damage.

Data communication

The system interfaces to an Ethernet network connection and to the SCHNEIDER Optical Technology (SOT) software enabling smooth and effective data exchange for setup and operation.

The service is supported by an intelligent analysis system with remote diagnostic.

A graphical user interface assists the operator for simple and fast communication tasks.

The SCG 250 supports data exchange with external devices, e.g. measuring equipment.

When using the Surfacing Center SCG 250 you have the means to be better, faster, and more competitive. The processing capability and the widely automated operation of the SCG 250 make this machine a perfect mate for SCHNEIDER polishers like the SLP 301.

  • New frame concept with optimized kinematics for spherical, aspherical, and freeform grinding
  • Aspheric package with cup wheel and peripheral wheel grinding capabilities
  • Freeform package for rough and fine grinding of non-rotationally symmetric parts
  • Direct drive high performance rough and fine grinding spindles for minimal subsurface damage
  • Integrated process control for high process stability
  • Intelligent analysis system with remote diagnostics
  • Automated parts handling (optional)
  • High quality and form accuracy
  • Excellent cost/performance ratio