Fascination for Innovation

One of the initial steps of optics fabrication is grinding of the required surfaces. Schneider offers different generators for various applications. In precision optics, usually a multiple-step grinding process is required, using different grinding tools. That can be realized by using two or three tool spindles and/or an automated tool changer. Whereas Schneider Spheroline machines are dedicated to spherical work, the Schneider surfacing centers can be used for generating spherical and aspheric surfaces. In addition, parts of complex shapes can be processed. The obtained surface quality is ready to polish.


The grinding machines of the Schneider Spheroline offer different manufacturing concepts with high process integration and flexibility. Solutions are available for highly flexible manufacturing of small batches as well as for fully automated complete processing based on most modern tool changer technique, integrated automation, and measuring technique.

Aspheric (A)

Schneider offers Surfacing Centers including generators with full spherical and aspheric capabilities. Aspheric surfaces can be rough- and fine-ground in the cup wheel and the disk mode, which allows the processing of convex and concave surfaces with excellent form accuracies. Automated tool changer technique, integrated automation, and measuring technique enable fully automated production.