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CCP modulo - Automated polishing, intelligently combined

Introducing the CCP modulo
With the CCP Modulo you get an extraordinarily powerful two-lens polisher for freeform and Rx lenses. The innovative machine kinematics of the CCP Modulo enable polishing of a very wide range of curvatures, never accomplished before.

By running all processing in parallel – tool handling and lens handling, lens cleaning and lens polishing – the throughput has been significantly increased compared to leading industrial soft-lap polishers.

The new process technology allows for a perfect optimization of the material-specific parameters and tools resulting in significant savings in costs per lens. The intelligent interface and conveyor concept of the CCP Modulo enables plug-and-play integration into the Modulo Line environment at any stage of lab expansion – from new production startup to any number of additions to a growing digital-surfacing lab.

Full flexibility, full speed
Tools and lenses are changed at the same time, and the lenses are polished while another lens set is being cleaned – this amazing parallelization of the processes results in the shortest non-productive time of any soft-lap polisher in the market.

Supported by the intelligent APS system, the tool monitoring and supervision feature enables a self-sustaining polishing process that runs non-stop 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Few tools, full range
A new generation of adaptive tools, with high-tech pad materials on the proven “click-easy” lock system, enable shorter polishing times, longer tool life and higher flexibility.

The tools are stored on two independently controlled tool drums making the automation simple. The complete pad drum of each polisher unit can be removed and reset in one grip enabling a maximum machine uptime.

Advanced polishing system
The outstanding APS Advanced Polishing System boosts the effectiveness of the soft-lap tools and polishing routines. Using sophisticated database-driven selection routines, optimal material-specific pads and polishing routines are chosen, resulting in unbeaten polishing performance.

An intelligent pad identification system avoids operator based tool mismatch. The machine operation has never been so easy.

The system monitors the pad wear and sorts out worn pads based on special decision algorithms. So, the CCP Modulo strictly meets your quality requirements.

The team player
CCP Modulo comes with an on-board global interface philosophy that allows connection to the Modulo system. Once connected to the LMS Modulo and management cockpit, the generator works as an integral part of this one-of-a-kind system solution and is subject to the centralized monitoring and control center. The lab manager is fully informed about the current status of the machine. Therefore critical situations and downtime can be avoided before they arise. Higher uptimes and increased yields are guaranteed.

  • Simultaneous polishing of two lenses
  • Highest throughput in industry
  • Polishing of all lens designs in the widest curve range
  • High brilliance of polished lenses
  • Perfect solution for RX and freeform lenses
  • “Click-easy” disposable tools
  • Most effective usage of polishing pads
  • Fully automated operation – all shift long
  • Shortest non-productive times
  • Lenses cleaned in parallel to polishing
  • Supports the new cognitive Modulo machine philosophy