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Fascination for Innovation
Nano Line - Little space. Big Business.

Nano Line
SCHNEIDER had the vision to manufacture individual lenses on freely definable mathematical descriptions, pioneering the freeform idea in the ophthalmic business.

With the Nano Line, SCHNEIDER takes another step forward in freeform history, opening up new opportunities. Extremely low investment costs combined with minimal space requirements are the reasons that make the Nano Line the perfect choice to produce high quality freeform lenses virtually anywhere.

Despite its small size, it offers the same flexibility that the SCHNEIDER Sprint and Modulo Line systems provide, with no compromise on geometry range or lens quality.

Decentralized production sites especially benefit from the Nano Lines great independence as there is no need for an industrial environment. A pre-configured bundle of LMS, lens design software and consumables allow for smooth and consistent lens production.

The Nano Lines easy operation concept and proven and robust SCHNEIDER technology allow customers to easily overcome the existing hurdles when starting their own lens production.


Nano Line