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LCU modulo - Automated cleaning, intelligently combined

The LCU Modulo is a fully automated and integrated lens cleaning system with brushes. The machine represents a powerful and efficient inline system to remove contaminations like adhesive residues or fingerprints and to prepare all different kinds of lenses for subsequent coating processes.

To enable a fully automated lens production the LCU Modulo can be extended with the loading robot HRA. After unloading and positioning the lenses in a special cup they get pre-centered. A second suction gripper takes them and transfers them to a sensor scanning the complete edges of the lenses. Following this, the integrated software calculates the orientation by measuring the distance of the gripper in order to load the lenses in the optimal clamping position in the LCU Modulo.

During the first cleaning phase the lenses get cleaned by using suitable chemicals as well as gentle and safe brushes. The second stage includes a DI-water cascade removing the chemicals and contaminations. During the third stage the lenses get dried. After drying an optional unloading robot PRA, which can be easily integrated into the LCU Modulo, takes the lenses out of the running belt and puts them back in the coating job tray. If needed, the lenses are transferred on a conveyor belt leading directly to a cosmetic inspection area as well as the preparation area for the hard coating.

  • Fully automated inline process
  • In-line brush cleaning of up to 300 lenses/hour
  • Additional impulse drying option for drying process
  • Automated loading and unloading option
  • No pre-cleaning needed
  • Low cleaning costs per lens
  • Short ROI period