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LMS FF plus - Management of modern surfacing labs

The lab management system, LMS FF plus, defines the new standard in the operation of state-of-the-art freeform and Rx surfacing labs.
Developed to take full advantage of the SCHNEIDER freeform technology, the modern software architecture of LMS FF plus also allows for the seamless integration of third-party equipment. The modern network communication uses an advanced client-server philosophy which guarantees performance and flexibility to meet changing and expanding lab requirements.
The basic system consists of the modules Lens Order, Lens Calculation, Lens Controller, and Lens Device Server. It can easily be expanded by basic or advanced components like Sales & Distribution, Inventory & Warehouse, Reporting, and Edging & Glazing, respectively. Upcoming lab requirements for freeform production like lens design data transfer, data encryption,
click-fee handling, remote diagnosis, and integration of lens designs are seamlessly integrated. The modules of LMS FF plus join in a modern SCHNEIDER Control Center giving the lab supervisor easy access to all relevant data of the running lab processes.


Order entry module

  • Order dialogue with cascaded order entry
  • Form dialogue for comfortable frame shape entry and administration
  • Registration of centering data

Lens Calculation module

  • Online thickness calculation linked to Lens Order
  • Integration of LDS programs, e.g. Freeform plugin
  • Automated lens optimization depending on
  • frame data

Lens Controller module

  • Central system control center
  • Fully automated processing
  • Management of master data
  • Status entry

Lens Device Server

  • Server for data downloads of the machines
  • Import/Export interfaces with external systems
  • Standardized VCM/OMA interfaces

SCHNEIDER Control Center

  • Status overview of the machines
  • Data logging
  • Fast error recognition
  • Display of the main performance fi gures
  • Optimal process fl ow control
  • Future-proof lab management system
  • Seamless integration of modern surfacing machines
  • Central overview of the surfacing production status
  • Online feed-back of lens data for customer service
  • Easy tolerance evaluation by automated comparison of target and actual data
  • Calculation of the optimal lens thickness for a specific frame
  • Easy system confi guration and maintenance
  • Unlimited number of data entry terminals
  • Central macro management for all machines
  • Open for integration of lens designs, materials and equipment of different suppliers