HSC smart XHSC smart XHSC smart X
Fascination for Innovation
HSC smart X - Superior performance by design

Little space – striking performance.
The HSC smart X is the industry’s most compact digital generator for mid-sized and large labs, supporting manual and automated production environments. The small footprint of this powerful machine enables an uncomplicated replacement of conventional technology to make space for the new era of digital surfacing – from modern Rx production to future freeform products.
The RS-tec motor technology brings the HSC smart X up to speed. This truly industrial motor works to the finest requirements even in demanding production environments. Driving the TwinTool, the RS-tec motor enables the digital surfacing of the broadest range of lens descriptions in one compact machine. And your new HSC smart X will easily grow with your business by choosing the power upgrade package when business has grown to the next level.

Perfect results – lens by lens.
Modern software control with impressive data rates brings the machine up to speed, enabling the processing of challenging designs with incredible form accuracy and surface quality. With an extremely low surface roughness and waviness, the lenses are perfectly prepared for softtool polishing.
The quality-defining RS-tec motor has a very high point stiffness and is virtually maintenance-free. This results in very long intervals of smooth operation at the highest lens quality specs. Remarkable is also the high stock removal per pass of up to 10 mm. And an extra 20 % travel length enables the RS-tec to process high-curved lenses like the latest corrective sports glasses.
The TwinTool offers even more freedom. You get the processing flexibility which required two machines before. The two tool alternatives of the TwinTool guarantee an optimal fit to surface geometries and materials for best results.

The power factor.
The investment in the HSC smart X gives you a machine that grows with your business. A special upgrade package with the fastest drives and electronics on the market will give you the lead in productivity. This upgraded generator with the ultimate power factor, boosting the productivity by 30 %, is what we call the HSC smart Xp.

Safe choice. Smart choice.
In spite of the many unique features of the HSC smart X, we have designed a very rugged machine. Machine base, motors, doors – every detail has been designed for many years of smooth operation.
And the Schneider Safety Package will relax you even further: The unique Power Safety System takes over the control in case of a power failure and ensures a safe “landing” of your valuable equipment. The Feed Control System acts as your adaptive cruise control leaving drive crashes for unequipped generators. And the Remote Control offers online support in no time.
The design of the HSC smart X guarantees you a very low cost of ownership. Convert your traditional Rx production to digital surfacing today and you will have all the means to switch to the freeform production if your customers ask for it.

  • Industrial Rx and freeform generator
  • Premium quality and form accuracy
  • Scalable productivity from mid to high-end
  • Small space requirement
  • Processing of high-curvature lenses
  • Fast processing of polycarbonate and advanced materials
  • Easy swarf removal
  • High reliability
  • Operator-friendly
  • Easy to clean and easy to service
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Seamless integration into the SCHNEIDER
  • iRx system and other lens management systems

technical data


lens diameter

 up to ø 92 mm

clamping system

 block ø 43 mm


CR39, Hi-index, Polycarbonate, Trivex®

curve range

concave 0 – 14(30) diopters convex 0 – 30 diopters


32-bit High Performance CNC-controller in

double-processor technique

power requirement

10kW max.

air requirement

6 bar (90 psi) min.

weight machine

machine with automation

1180 kg (2,600 lb.)

1310 kg (2,888 lb.)

dimensions (w x d x h)


machine with automation




1120 x 1550 x 1740 mm (44 x 61 x 69 inches)

1464 x 1550 x 1740 mm (58 x 61 x 69 inches)